Our in-house customer support teams are accessible 24/7 either online or by telephone and e-mail to help our customers use their programs efficiently. This is complemented by our FAQ database which holds comprehensive questions and answers of common user queries, made available from within the applications. Our experienced support teams are adept to inquiries from users, technology and administrative staff, providing quick and precise resolutions to all user questions and requests.

  Contacting Support

We offer redundant and flexible ways for users to access support at DNC Data:

  Online FAQ Database

Our FAQ database is online 24/7 and is available from within the programs. Users can search for topics or browse questions by subjects that have been raised by their peers.

  Voice and E-mail

Telephone support is offered from 8:00am to 6:30pm Eastern Standard Time (EST), Monday through Friday. In the event that help is required outside of these hours, an e-mail request for help can be submitted at any time, and will be answered during the next working day.

  Support Agreements

Support is billed either on a flat monthly or annual rate that is based on the number of users and volume processed at the site.


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