Content Services

DNC DATA has emerged as a leading provider of information preparation and other value addition services to the online information and print publishing industry worldwide. DNC is a full service outsourcing partner and our end-to-end integrated service offerings include Data conversion, Pre-Press services and producing enriched structured information (XML/SGML) for delivery in print or on the web.

  Conversion Services

DNC Data is a leading service provider to the standards based Electronic Publishing Industry world wide. Companies involved in electronic publishing and repurposing content for new media face a challenging and cumbersome task of content preparation. Although it is a crucial element for their success, content preparation and especially conversion to standard formats like XML/SGML is not the core competency for these companies. If done internally it can be a drain on these publishers' vital resources.

DNC DATA specializes in conversion from any format including paper to structured formats like XML, SGML & HTML. DNC DATA with it's expertise in preparing and managing content for a range of industries is an essential partner in preparing and maintaining rich and reliable content.

DNC DATA has extensive experience in high-volume data conversion, especially re-keying and mark-up to XML, SGML & HTML. We have successfully completed conversion projects involving various kinds of information e.g. Legal, Academic, Scientific, Technical, Financial, etc. The data was provided to us in many formats e.g. Hard copies, Electronic files - proprietary or popular word processor and typesetting formats, Scanned Documents, microfiche, etc., which were converted to XML, SGML & HTML.


To support its data conversion operations DNC DATA has developed an advanced project tracking system WatchDog. DNC's Technology team developed WatchDog by utilizing state of the art technology combined with their intimate knowledge of data conversion business gained through years of experience. WatchDog enables DNC DATA to manage the heavy logistics involved in data conversion business and help deliver accurately and timely on multiple high volume projects.


At DNC Data a combination of planning, training and systems allows us to scale up quickly to handle huge volume projects. At the start of any project a team with relevant expertise and consisting of members from personnel and training divisions is assigned to the project. This team designs a set of processes and ascertains the necessary skills and number of personnel required for timely completion of the project. The project plan is further handled by the personnel department to put together a project team and if necessary schedule training for members of the team. Finally information from the project plan including processes and resources is fed to WatchDog our project tracking and reporting system and the project gets on the way.

  Pre Press Services

DNC offers a full range of pre-press production services to help clients publish Books, Journals and Technical documents in both print and electronic media. DNC provides these services to industry-leading publishers and maintains a team of skilled production specialist's equipped with proprietary tools and systems.

  • Page composition and typesetting 
  • TEX and LATE
  • Scanning 
  • Copy Editing Services
  • Electronic Proofing System 
  • Double Capture System 
  • Document dispatch by client

Page composition and typesetting

DNC Pre-Press Services delivers a full range of composition services, including typesetting and production of PostScript or PDF files for print or electronic media. DNC also delivers graphic files and PDF files, with bookmarks and links, for delivery in online environments. We are experienced in a broad range of content and layout complexities. Our experienced team has worked with formats, fonts, and special characters required in a variety of fields like Mathematics, Bio-Chemistry, Medicine, Etc. We use tools such as MathML, TeX, LaTeX and ChemDraw for rendering complex content.


For STM and Academic publishers and Universities, TeX is the best available medium of digitizing text data compared to other software's. This is more relevant when TeX has formidable capabilities in handling math equations and formulae. TeX offers the versatility of being platform-independent. We specialize in high quality typesetting and composing of scientific, technical and medical books as well as journals. We use TeX as our typesetting system and we are specialized in handling heavy complex mathematical composition. We can work from author prepared TeX, LaTeX files by using client-provided style/class files; alternatively, we can develop LaTeX class files based on your composition specifications.

We have in-house experts of vast experience in scientific composition and our production set-up with LaTeX2e is a high speed and versatile auto-pagination and conversion system that can paginate from SGML/XML source files. We can undertake a variety of document preparation operations: Hard copy (Manuscripts) supplied by the author Electronic file supplied by the author irrespective of its native format Redrawing the graphic part of the author documents, if they are not of CRC quality Copy-editing and proofing Varieties of outputs offered are: 

  • PostScript 
  • Portable Document Format 
  • Standard Generalized Markup Language 
  • Extensible Markup Language 
  • Mathematical Markup Language 
  • Hypertext Markup Language


High end Flat bed Scanners for scanning line art, transparencies, b/w and colour halftones either from bromides or slides (negatives or positives) with high resolution. We offer a comprehensive range of scanning solutions for line illustrations, half-tones, image-editing, color correction, etc.

Copy Editing Services

DNC copyedits materials in various disciplines like: Chemistry, Biology, Geology, Economics, Pharmacology, Finance, Marketing, Information Technology, Engineering, and Physics. Our staff consists of well-educated, English-speaking top graduates from various reputed universities.

Electronic Proofing System

DNC has devised a unique electronic proofing system 'EzProofs', which reduces time and cost of production. DNC supplies it's client with a tool which allows them to do online proofing which eliminates the need of sending print outs for proofing purposes. This facilitates quick and accurate proofing of the manuscripts.

Double Capture System

Double capture method is adopted for the generation of electronic file from author supplied hard copy (Manuscripts). Two electronic files are made by two operators of the same document and online comparison is made between these two versions so that the computer will point out the mismatches which are corrected in consultation with the author's manuscript. So the first galley proof sent to the author will be 99.995% error free.

Document dispatch by client

The client can dispatch document either through Internet by scanning the hardcopy and sending as a PDF file or tiff image files, though PDF is much preferred or they can courier the documents, if the delivery schedules can tolerate the delays involved. A variety of archiving formats like *.tar, *.zip, *.gz, *.arj, *.lhz, *.tgz, etc., are all acceptable to us. Alternatively, the client can dump the archive at our ftp site so that we can access the files immediately. Document delivery: In the same way shown above, perfected documents can be delivered to the client. DNC has access to high speed internet connection.


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