Ez Proofs

Ez Proofs is a web-based Review and Approval Management System. Ez Proofs is designed to aid authors and production team at publisher end to view, annotate and collaborate on their proofs from any remote location. Ez Proofs is essentially a collaboration and tracking system with annotation functionality using both standard and custom proofing marks. Access to "Ez Proofs" is available from any computer, any operating system, any platform, anywhere in the world with an Internet connection and a web browser, with all functions provided as a remote Internet Application Service.

Ez Proofs allows collaboration among authors, editors and other end-users/staff at the pre-press facilities. Ez Proofs holds an electronic archive containing both documents to be proofed and related annotations (with revision history) using file directories, SQL databases and XML repositories for holding data.

Ez Proofs is designed to alleviate the burden of information management and overcome the time taken during the transfer of the information between publisher office teams and authors, but more strikingly to provide systematic and tracked workflow of the processes.

  Easy deployment

Ez Proofs is convenient for authors/production team members, as the web interface is easy-to-use and there is no need to buy or install any extra software on client side.

  Quickly remote proof the original high-resolution production files

Deliver remote hard-proofs fast, view a high-resolution file in seconds and zoom in real time, over a standard dial-up connection.

  Annotate and approve jobs online

Easily mark up, annotate and approve various corrections/suggestions in just a few minutes using a standard web browser.

  Correct the original text online

With a simple click on the proof, clients can easily correct the original text, tables and equations in a formatted editor, which is automatically filled with the formatted text block. Changes are highlighted with different color.

  Collaborate online on the same document

Work together with others on the same document at the same time and see each others corrections and annotations immediately, even if they are 10000 miles away.

  DIFF Report

Facility of a "DIFF" report which helps the user/author to see what changes or editing have been carried on the original manuscript supplied by him.


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