Ez Compare Pro

Ez Compare Pro is the only product available that truly automates the content verification process by allowing accurate, speedy comparison between multiple document formats such as PDF, Word, EXCEL, HTML, PowerPoint and Open Office.

Ez Compare Pro is equipped with a weighted comparison algorithm that compares two documents in the same manner as a user would do manually. This does away with the 'diff' way of doing line-to-line comparisons. The intelligent heuristic compare process reduces the false positive count and brings down the actual review process to a minimum.

  Most effective review environment

Only program to offer multi-format document comparison and review in native document formats. Every document format is available for review in it's native format (e.g. HTML document is displayed in a browser)

  True multiple document format support

Offers any to any document comparison for formats such as PDF, Word, Excel, HTML, PowerPoint and Open Office. (users can now compare PDF to HTML documents, or PDF to Word documents, etc.)

  Comprehensive content verification

Ez Compare Pro™ with its multi-pass document reading process and Unicode support provides one of the most comprehensive content comparisons, resulting in increased accuracy in document conversion. Offering double digit improvement in accuracy over traditional proofreading.

  Advanced Word and Excel Handling

Recognizes and reads all embedded objects in MS Office documents. Can read embedded pictures in Microsoft Word document for users of MS Office 2003 and complete range of cells in MS Excel spreadsheets, allowing comprehensive comparison of complex Excel files.

  Partial and selection compare

Offers partial compare or selection compare (Multiple Zones Selection for PDF and Excel) enabling users to compare parts of documents and avoid time consuming and error prone process of splitting documents for compare.

  Unicode Support

Provides complete Unicode support while processing documents in any format. Ability to successfully recognize and compare special symbols and formatting such as bullets and list numbering in PDF and Microsoft Word document.

Ez Compare Pro™ offers quick Return on Investment

Ez Compare Pro™ increases Quality Assurance team efficiency and productivity by substantially reducing the review time, at the same time improving accuracy in the conversion process. It has a dramatic impact on the effectiveness of the review process and is therefore quick to pay back investment.

Ez Compare Pro™ algorithm minimizes false positive count thereby reducing the actual review time to a minimum ensuring a quick turnaround of the review process.

Ez Compare Pro™ has a proven track record in EDGARization workflows at some of the top financial printers in the US for the past several years.

Reliability and easy to use interface of Ez Compare Pro™ adds to its appeal and encourages greater use, resulting in substantial reduction in document review time and improved productivity.


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